Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I submit my resume?

A.Click on the position for which you’d like to apply, provide your contact information, and then either attach, or copy and paste, your resume. The whole process takes less than 5 minutes!

Q. How do I set up a Candidate Profile?

A.Click “Login” on the top right corner of this screen. Click “Create Account.” You’ll be asked to choose a username and password, as well as provide us with an email address, and security questions.

Q. How do I check on the status of my application?

A. Just sign in to your career profile, and check under “My Application Status

Q. Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

A. We automatically consider all our applicants for ALL open positions. Instead of uploading a resume and cover letter for each position you’re interested in, just apply once. When your Recruiter calls, you can let them know which other positions have caught your eye!

Q. Do you have any part-time openings?

A.The majority of our positions are full-time, unless otherwise specified in the position description.

Q. How long will it take to hear from a Recruiter?

A.It generally takes our Recruiters a week or two to reach out. If you haven’t heard anything yet, don’t worry – you’ll hear from us soon. It’s our policy to call everyone no matter what.

However, if it’s been more than two weeks and you still haven’t heard anything, please call our recruiting hotline at (800) 411-JOBS, or email

Q. My Recruiter emailed me, but I haven’t received it yet. What happened?

A. It’s possible that our email ended up in your spam folder. We recommend that you check there!

Q. I missed a call from my Recruiter. How do I get back in touch with them?

A. You can look up their number here and give them a call! If you get their voicemail, leave a detailed message with your name, number and a good time to call you back. You’ll hear back within one to two business days

Q. What types of pre-employment checks do you do?

A. Because we are primarily a financial institution, we’ll conduct criminal background, reference, and credit checks prior to a formal offer of employment, with your consent, of course.

Q. What if I’ve applied before and didn’t get hired – can I re-apply?

A.We’d love the opportunity to talk to you again! Because our job opportunities are always changing, it’s important to keep your profile updated with any changes to your experience and education. Feel free to re-apply every six months.

Q. I forgot my password for my Career Profile. What should I do?

A.At the login screen, click “Forgot your password? Click here.” You’ll be asked to provide your user name and will then have the opportunity to reset your password. If you’ve forgotten your username, you can contact us at (800) 411-JOBS or

Q. I’m having a hard time finding the application or credit consent form. What should I do?

A.Once you’ve logged in to your account, you should see a section titled “Important Documents” near the top of the page. The document you’re trying to access should be highlighted in red in this section. If you’re still having trouble accessing either the Application or Credit Consent forms, you can contact your Recruiter directly, or contact us at (800) 411-JOBS or

Q. What if I’m unable to save my application?

A. If you’re having trouble saving your application, double-check your information. Common problems include incorrectly formatted dates, and the presence of periods, commas and other special characters. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact your Recruiter directly, or if you don’t have a Recruiter yet, contact us at (800) 411-JOBS or

Q. I’m having trouble uploading my resume or filling out my application. What should I do?

A. Unfortunately, our application system doesn’t always work on mobile devices. If you’re currently using a mobile device, we recommend trying again on a computer. If you’re still having trouble, just call (800) 411-JOBS, and one of our coordinators will assist you!

Q. Can I work remotely, or will I work out of your offices?

A.This depends on the position and each unique situation.

Q. What about parking? Does Quicken Loans provide parking for team members?

A.Quicken Loans provides free, secure parking for all team members, in all locations.

Q. Does Quicken Loans pay for relocation?

A. We sometimes provide assistance for some of our new team members to relocate. Eligibility is determined case-by-case, so don’t hesitate to ask your Recruiter if you qualify for relocation assistance.

Q. How soon after I start will my benefits go into effect?

A. Our benefits package goes into effect on your first day with the company. Find out more about our benefits!